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on the Jewish story

After 2,000 years of longing, we have a Jewish state in the land of Israel. And we, who are privileged to be alive at this time, have the chance to help build a future for the people of Israel, and to inspire a new generation to strengthen their Jewish identity, with Israel at its core. This is the work of United Jewish Israel Appeal (UJIA). See how you can make your mark on the Jewish story. 

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    Joining together for Yom Hazikaron

    Read UJIA

    Up and down the country, communities came together in April to mark Yom Hazikaron, Israel’s remembrance day for fallen soldiers. Israeli delegates from the UJIA...

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    The Ethiopian journey is our journey

    Blog, Israel Experiences, Manchester UJIA, Read UJIA

    UJIA Manchester’s Sally Halon pens a blog for The Times of Israel website. Warakenesh Yaso (Israel) and Georgia Glick (UK) together at the Great Synagogue,...

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    Nina’s Mission Possible Diary

    Israel Experiences, Read UJIA

    Mission Possible gives our community the chance to see UJIA’s vital work in Israel with their own eyes. Nina Sandler, from North West London, has just got back and...

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