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on the Jewish story

After 2,000 years of longing, we have a Jewish state in the land of Israel. And we, who are privileged to be alive at this time, have the chance to help build a future for the people of Israel, and to inspire a new generation to strengthen their Jewish identity, with Israel at its core. This is the work of UJIA. See how you can make your mark on the Jewish story. 

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    Over 100 take part in UJIA Israel Now Mission

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    UK community show their support for the people of Israel. Members of the UK Jewish community have delivered gift packages to wounded Israeli soldiers at Tel...

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    Y-UJIA Why Always Israel? The Debate

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    65 young professionals gathered at UJIA head office to attend Y-UJIA’s ‘Why Always Israel? The Debate’ in partnership with the Jewish Chronicle. Editor of the...

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    Young UJIA hosts Israel education session

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    Y-UJIA Israel Educational Series: Why Israel? The Facts  Young UJIA hosted an evening focused on the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, attended by 40...

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